Today, SEO and outsourcing become a trend setting solution for companies seeking Software, Hardware and Systems engineering services. Companies prefer to outsource projects in place of hiring full-time employees to complete the same tasks. This has proven to be cost-efficient and allows companies to divert their full attention to their core business to increase profit.

How will outsourcing help your business?

Reduce Expenses

  • Expenses for retaining employees such as insurance, worker's compensation, company benefits and  Competitive job offers from other firms is eliminated
  • Expenses for recruiting and training new employees is eliminated
  • Office space is minimized for off-site outsourced projects and rent expenses are reduced
  • Fixed price for per-project fees eliminates cost overrun.
Increase Work Performance
  • Outsourcing maximizes work performed against time; hence, you get on-time project deliverables
  • Your company gets quality in service & products every time

Solsoft stands above its competitors in providing cost-efficient and flexible services to its customers. Along with on-time deliverables and quality of work, our primary goal is to ensure that our customers get full satisfaction as our success depends on this.

Our focus to ensure every project stays on track and our customers get complete control of their projects along with weekly and monthly reports to keep them informed of all activities. We encourage our customers to make routine visits for off-site projects and communicate with any of the engineering team members.